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Only released in EOL distros:  

Package Summary

This package contains MobileRobots' ARIA C++ library (software development toolkit or SDK) for all MobileRobots' ActivMedia platforms. ARIA can dynamically control your robot's velocity, heading, relative heading and other motion parameters either through simple low-level commands or through its high-level Actions infrastructure. ARIA also receives odometric position estimates, sonar readings and all other current operating data sent by the robot platform.

Using Aria package

Aria package is not intended to be used on it's own. This package was created to conveniently install MobileRobots' ARIA library, which ROSARIA package uses to communicate with robots like Pioneer.

(Note: Adept Technology Inc. acquired MobileRobots Inc. on June 14, 2010.http://go.adept.com/content/adeptacqmobrob06142010, which is now known as Adept MobileRobots.)

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