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Here is space holder for a new package about autonomous map generation named Autonomous SLAM. The package is used for robot to generate map in an unknown in-door environment.

What is Autonomous SLAM

Autonomous SLAM will help robot to SLAM within an unknown environment, without any human interaction. Just give robot a command and wait for map creating complete.

Autonomous SLAM is not a new SLAM algorithm. Actually it is enhancement to find and navigate to unknown area during SLAM, with the SLAM algorithm like Gmappinghttp://wiki.ros.org/gmapping.

What SLAM Algorithm used with Autonomous SLAM

It will work with Gmapping and Cartographer http://wiki.ros.org/cartographer for the intermediate goal and Visual SLAM for the final goal.

What Robot Runs on Autonomous SLAM

Autonomous SLAM could work well on all robots with different mobile bases and sensor. Autonomous SLAM is validated on Turtlebot 2 http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/TurtleBot with Lidar sensor, and will be validated with RGBD Camera (Like Intel Realsense Camera http://wiki.ros.org/RealSense) for next step.

When the package will be ready

Currently the source code is under review and please expect to get it in Q3'2017.

2021-01-02 12:19