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Chip Robotics IMU Sensor (BNO080)

Chip Robotics’ 6DOF IMU device is built for various applications such as mobile robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The device is based on Bosch’s BNO080 IMU sensor. The sensor is optimized for service robots and includes propriety sensor fusion algorithms to give accurate heading and acceleration data for your robot. You can use the sensor as the main source for navigation or complement your SLAM, Lidar, or vision based navigation/localization to get a more accurate pose of your robot.

It is easy communicate with the IMU device using USB or UART. The USB utilizes an FTDI chip so it can easily connect with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Rasbian, etc.

Product Dimension: Length: 70.4mm (with flanged base, cover only 50mm), Width: 35.4mm, Height 22mm.

Check the links below for getting started, API, software, and Robot Operating System (ROS) driver.


chip_IMU_driver (ROS Driver)


Youtube video of IMU sensor with ROS Rviz running


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