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Github: https://github.com/espros


The TOFcam-635 is a miniaturized and cost-optimized 3D TOF camera. It is based on the ESPROS proprietary time-of-flight (TOF)technology using the epc635 TOF chip. The camera controls the illumination and the imager chip to obtain distance and grayscale images.The cameras are calibrated to provide accurate 3D depth images.By using the ROS driver from ESPROS, 3D point clouds in a world cartesian coordinate system are available.The depth images are compensated against DRNU errors, modulation errors, ambient-light, temperature and reflectivity of the scene.Thanks to the high performance of the imager chip with the unique ambient-light suppression, the camera can be used in many cases under full sunlight conditions. The output of the TOFcam-635 is depth and grayscale images – allowing a variety of new applications, e.g. for mobile robotics. This module brings you right in front with the latest technology of 3D depth sensing. All the complex engineering and time consuming design tasks regarding optics,illumination and signal processing are already solved.

More information here: https://www.espros.com/photonics/tofcam635/



Installation and Operation Manual

For more information please check the Manual [[https://www.espros.com/downloads/02_Cameras_and_Modules/Installation_and_Operation_Manu al_TOFcam635.pdf]]

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