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EsmaCAT: Motor Control, Analog IO, and Digital IO for Robotics

Email: info@esmacat.com

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EsmaCATâ„¢ is an enabler to create robotic systems of industrial capability with minimal development cost and time. Its attributes include:

EsmaCATâ„¢ can be an end-to-end modular system consisting of powerful & efficient motor drivers, integrated DAQ, load-cell interfaces, highly capable server computers, and an easy-to-use C++ master API. The entire system runs on the industrial EtherCAT communication protocol, known for its high speed and reliability. Tutorials, including ROS integration, are accessible to speed along development time.

Features of the ROS integration include:

1. Data can be visualized using many of the ROS built-in tools such as rqt_plot.

2. Multiple external ROS nodes can communicate with a hard real-time EsmaCAT application, which is its own ROS node. Using ROS with a hard real-time EsmaCAT application is thread safe, implementing mutexes where appropriate.

3. Interfacing between an EsmaCAT hard real-time loop and external ROS nodes can be done using a simple API shown in the Guidance of ROS with EsmaCAT tutorial.

Please email us if you have any questions (info@esmacat.com).


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