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Welcome to the fourth lab session of CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-enabled Mobile Manipulation on KnowledgeProcessing

The presentation slides, exercise sheet and a cheat sheet are available on-line.

After having installed the system as described in the next section, you can start with the presentation slides and do the exercises once they are mentioned in the slides. You find the solution of the tasks in the tum-ros-pkg repository: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/tum-ros-pkg/code/knowledge/knowrob_tutorial/


If you encounter problems while setting up the system, have a look at the FAQ below!

Launching the system

The launch procedure for the first part of the tutorial will be explained during the presentation.

For the second part, the interface to the perception component, you can use two alternatives.

tabletop_object_detector perception system

The slides explain how to interface the perception module developed during the Fall School. This requires Gazebo to run properly, which is rather slow on most laptops. It is recommended that you interface the tabletop_object_detector instead, the perception component of the Willow Garage Manipulation Pipeline, and use a bag file to replay the data.

Alternative: use the system developed in the Fall School

This system is based on the simulated environment. You can use the same launch script as on Thursday afternoon for the planning session, and launch the KnowRob system in a separate console. Make sure you have set up your system according to the instructions for Day4

You will need to adapt the explanations in a few details:



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