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This repository contains the packages developed at Ingeniarius,Ltd.

About us

Ingeniarius is a private SME that aims for research and technological development in the many fields of engineering, including robotics and automation, as well as all components within human society, namely the quality of life, sports and health.

We provide consulting, outsourcing and training services related to engineering. The delivery of such services is an added value customer centric that provides specialized and trained teams in a wide diversity of fields. This component includes, in a first stage, the need to seize the skilled manpower and pour it for research and development with scientific relevance and, subsequently, in the operationalization of valid projects that can be introduced into the market, thus opening new windows of opportunity and synergies.

We organize and promotes events, such as professional training, scientific/technical conferences and entertainment, educational and promotional events of technological nature.

You can visit our website: Ingeniarius,Ltd.


Each project is divided into separated repositories, which you can


FORTE-RC is a service robot designed for research in the field of social robotics.


All the software available at Ingeniarius' repository is distributed under a BSD License, unless otherwise stated.


To report problems encountered when using packages from Ingeniarius' repository, or for questions regarding the code in the repository, contact support@ingeniarius.pt . Also, feel free to browse for answers at answers.ros.org.

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