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  1. Shared Control for a Quadrotor Platform

    This tutorial guides a shared autonomy control scheme for a quadcopter that is suited for inspection of vertical infrastructure. An unskilled operator is assisted by onboard sensing and partial autonomy to safely fly the robot in close proximity to the structure. The operator uses their domain knowledge and problem solving skills to guide the robot in difficult to reach locations to inspect and assess the condition of the infrastructure. The operator commands the robot in a local task coordinate frame with limited degrees of freedom (DOF). For instance: up/down, left/right, toward/away with respect to the infrastructure. We therefore avoid problems of global mapping and navigation while providing an intuitive interface to the operator.

  2. 100Hz Onboard Vision for Quadrotor State Estimation

    This tutorial introduces a high-speed, 100Hz, vision-based state estimator that is suitable for quadrotor control in close quarters manoeuvring applications. We describe the hardware and algorithms for estimating the state of the quadrotor. Experimental results for position, velocity and yaw angle estimators are presented and compared with motion capture data. Quantitative performance comparison with state-of-the-art achievements are also presented.

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