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Mini-Lab Simulation


This tutorial will give an overview of the simulation of the Mini-Lab robot on Gazebo.

Gazebo Install

Gazebo 2.2 is already installed with ROS-Indigo.For more information about the installation of newer Gazebo version please refer to the link below :


Mini-Lab simulation

To start gazebo-ros :

$ roscore
$ rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo

In the minilab_description/robot folder you can find a file named minilab.urdf, this file contains all the characteristics of robot visual and physical level. open a new terminal and type the following command:

$ rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model ~/catkin_ws/src/Mini-Lab/minilab_launch/urdf/minilab.urdf -urdf -x -0 -y -0 -z -0 -model  minilab

You can choose the robot position by editing the coordinates -x -0 -0 -y -z 0


What next?

Mini-Lab desktop files

Contact us

For question about the software email us at: support@enovarobotics.com

For more information about the product please visit our website : https://enovarobotics.com

Or email us directly at contact@enovarobotics.com

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