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Mini-Turty II


Mini-Turty II is the low-cost robot with big capabilities (seehttps://rhoeby.com/product/mini-turty-ii). Like its predecessor Mini-Turty, it represents a new level of value and functionality in a ROS navigation-capable robot. Designed with the lowest cost and complete user serviceability in mind, this robot is providing greatly improved access to advanced robotics navigation and much more!

Things You Can Do With Your Mini-Turty Robot

There are many things you can do with your Mini-Turty robot, including:

Primary Components

The primary components on this robot include:

This robot is available in kit form or fully-assembled.


Included are simple scripts that enable the robot to be operated with little previous experience. If you can run simple commands from the command line, you can run this robot! Available in kit form*, or fully assembled and ready to go. Either way, Mini-Turty provides endless hours of educational fun and represents the ideal platform for learning the Robot Operating System.

Other Hardware Features

Other hardware features of the robot include:

Power Switch

Built on a sturdy chassis and utilizing high-quality mechanical components, the fully-assembled version of the robot is an easily accessed turn-key platform for demonstration and development of ROS features.

Power Switch


Assembly is a snap with no crimping or soldering required. See our Mini-Turty Assembly Video here:

Assembly Video

More details can be found here:

Assembly Instructions

Getting Started

Our guide to getting started with Mini-Turty can be downloaded from:

Getting Started

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