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The documentation referenced here describes the installation, configuration and use of the novatel_oem7_driver for OS (henceforth "the driver").

The driver is for Hexagon | NovAtel® OEM7® GNSS devices, or OEM7 devices running the SPAN GNSS+INS sensor fusion engine, such as the PwrPak7 family of products. It allows NovAtel OEM7 devices to communicate via the ROS framework in a simple, flexible, and comprehensive way.

This document focuses on use of the prebuilt binary version of the NovAtel OEM7 ROS driver. For modifying and installing the ROS driver from source code, refer to the NovAtel GitHub ROS driver repository at GitHub.

For full documentation on NovAtel OEM7 products and their interface, refer to:

About Hexagon | NovAtel

Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications.

Our technologies are shaping urban and production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous — ensuring a scalable, sustainable future.

NovAtel, part of Hexagon, is a global technology leader, pioneering end-to-end solutions for assured positioning for land, sea, and air. NovAtel designs, manufactures and sells high precision positioning technology developed for efficient and rapid integration. Its solutions are empowering intelligent positioning ecosystems in vital industries that depend on the ability to tackle the most complex challenges in the most demanding environments. Learn more at novatel.com.

novatel_oem7_driver Documentation

Here are links to sub-pages to help with use of the novatel_oem7_driver.

Documentation Pages

  1. Hardware Setup

  2. Binary Driver Installation

  3. Driver Configuration

  4. Driver Runtime Operation

  5. Post-Processing data

Appendix Pages

  1. Driver Source Code

  2. Advanced Topics

  3. Relevant Products and Services

Additional Support Resources

OEM7 Commands and Logs

The NovAtel OEM7 Documentation Portal offers extensive documentation both online and in PDF form, please refer here:

Support by NovAtel Applications Engineering

Part of the great value in using NovAtel products and services is the availabily of extremely qualified technical support, generally at no additional charge. To get support with the novatel_oem7_driver, please contact NovAtel Applications Engineering by going here:


NovAtel gives away a comprehensive and free ebook that gives an excellent overview of many key concepts related to precise positioning in their Introduction GNSS Handbook, available here:

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