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An Open-Source Pose Estimation System for Micro-Air Vehicles

Photos and Video Results


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Instructions for reproducing experiments

Download and compile the code

The following command will download and install rosinstall, a tool to check out source code from multiple version control repositories.

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install -U rosinstall

The following command will download the code, and compile the ROS system tools needed for the demo:

rosinstall ~/icra2011_ccny 'http://wiki/Papers/ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao.rosconfig'

The files are installed in ~/icra2011_ccny, and will not interfere with other ROS installations that you may have on your machine.

The installer uses this file ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao.rosconfig to determine the version of the packages needed.

Before executing the steps below to build or run the code, be sure to source the shell setup file:

source ~/icra2011_ccny/setup.sh

The following command will compile the CCNY ROS packages, as well as any additional ROS packages needed for the demo:

rosmake ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao --rosdep-install

Note: this command will download a bag file with experimental data from the CCNY Robotics Lab server.

Run the experiments

There are two sets of experimental data. Either set can be run in two modes: 1) using the standalone pose estimation algorithm, or 2) using pose estimation plus an additional slam processing step.

To reproduce an experiment, run either of the following four commands:

roslaunch ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao experiment_01.launch

roslaunch ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao experiment_02.launch

roslaunch ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao experiment_01_slam.launch

roslaunch ICRA2011_Dryanovski_Morris_Xiao experiment_02_slam.launch

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