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Package Summary

rce is a working package of cloud robotics platform Rapyuta on Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo.

* Author : Prasun Pallav

* Email id: prasun.ieee@gmail.com

* License : BSD

* Bug/ feature tracker: https://gitlab.com/prasun2712/rce/issues

* Source: git https://gitlab.com/prasun2712/rce (branch: master)


This package is based on the experimental version released by raputa for Ubuntu 14.04. The bugs from the package have been removed and it has been tested for catkin packages.



Installation instructions are given in the README file available in git repository. Please make sure you have the installation done successfully on the server as well as robot systems before moving on to further steps.

Catkin workspace setup

Create catkin workspace using the steps given below.

1) Create a folder in your home. e.g. cloud_ws/src.

 $ mkdir -p ~/cloud_ws/src

2) Open ".rce/config.ini" using you favourite editor and add your workspace in the configuration file, it must be added under "[machine/packages]" tag as shown below.

 cloud_ws = ~/cloud_ws/src


Building a test package.

Copy the "cloud_publisher" package from the "test" folder of "rce" and paste it in the "src" folder of the catkin workspace created earlier. "cloud_publisher" package is a normal catkin package which publishes some message on topic "/cloud_publisher".

 $ sudo rce-make
 $ cd /opt/rce/packages/cloud_ws
 $ catkin_make
 $ exit

Now test the installation.

In the system where "rce" is installed.

Terminal 1

 $ rce-master

Terminal 2

 $ rce-robot <master IP>

Terminal 3

 $ sudo rce-container <master IP>

Once all the three processes are up and running go to next step.

In the robot system.

Terminal 1

 $ roscore

Terminal 2

Before doing this open the "cloud_node_test.config" file in "test" folder of "rce" and change the IP in the url as master's IP.

 $ rce-ros <address of the "cloud_node_test.config" file>

In the robot system you can check if the message generated inside lxc is available in the robot system.

 $ rostopic echo /robot_received_msg

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