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Prescripte180A Static Lidar Overview

Prescriptive180 is a new generation, long distance ranging Time-of-Flight module based on ST’s FilghtSense technology. The module targets the need for high performance very compact optical distance measurement sensors for applications such as unmanned autonomous vehicles where low-power high performance, reducedcost ranging sensor is desired.


-Unmanned autonomous robots (long distance and fast obstacle detection)

-Drones (landing assitance, hovering, ceiling detection)

-Smart shelves and vending machines (goods inventory monitoring)

-Smart building and smart lighting (people detection,gesture control)

-Sanitary (robust user detection whatever the target reflectance)

-Robot operating systems practices


1 - Fully integrated module:


2 - Fast and accurate long distance ranging:

-20 cm to 400 cm distance measurement

-20 Hz ranging frequency

3 - 180 degrees field of view:

-9 distance sensor with 20 deegres FOV

4 - Easyintegration:

-Software driver and code examples for turnkey ranging

-Single power supply (5V)

-Plug and play USBHID communication

-Fully robot operating system compatible

-Ready RVIZ configurations

2024-03-02 12:18