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Iteration 1: Building Directs 1 Robot


Iteration 2: Building and a Robot communicate



Iteration 3: Building Directs Multiple Robots


Potential new apps:

Iteration 4: Complete Peer-to-Peer

At this phase, the system becomes truly peer to peer, with no primacy of any particular 'robot'. At this level, instead of focusing on pushing apps onto robots, we think of pushing apps onto clients that interact with robots. As an analogy, the iPad with a Hulu app, plus an Apple TV, can be used to play Hulu videos on a TV. The iPad is both the user interface and the application; the Apple TV is just a dumb device that connects the data to the TV. In a robot case, an Android tablet can double as both user interface (e.g. multitouch RIDE), plus implement its own single- and multi-robot apps by treating the robots as data sources and sinks.

This iteration is the most challenging and represents the frontier of where we could experiment.


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