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Projects/Building Manager/December 6, 2010

Next week

Start working towards simple proof of concept with 1 robot, 1 building manager, 1 simple app, and 1 simple GUI. The user should interact with the GUI to the building manager, which then gets the robot to do a simple task. We should already have most of these components, but it will assemble them in one place.

Sub-project teams should independently brainstorm based on the above proof-of-concept to start figuring out who does what and basic deliverables.

Possible initial task: Basic "go to waypoint" with the PR2. User selects robot in the interface, selects a point in the world display, and the robot drives there. When it gets there, the interface notifies the user that the task has been successfully completed.

Five basic categories


Components: Multimaster, master proxies (partial masters/security), robust communications, bandwidth sensitivity (e.g. polled topics), interfaces.

Sub-project team: Ken, Brian, Jeremy


Components: task manager, data storage, building apps, robot allocation, app deployment

Sub-project team: Wim, Nate (data storage, sharing), Brian (app deployment, robot alloc), Eitan, Melonee (robot alloc, app deployment), Kevin (task manager, data storage), Jeremy (app deployment), Bill (robot alloc).

Human in the Loop

Components: RIDE GUI, Remote teleop

Sub-project team: Bill, Gil, Leila


Components: PR2, Create, Arduino, Android

Sub-project team: Melonee, Kevin, Ethan, Tully, Wim


Components: Panoramas, 3D mapping, delivery, tracking semantic tags, doors, Ender's Craft, multirobot trash

Sub-project team: Eitan, Nate, Ethan, Ken, Bill

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