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Tools for working with Care-O-bot


githelper is a command line tool to make working with github faster and easier for Care-O-bot developers. It has several different commands which are described in the sections below. Command-line help is available using

githelper -h

githelper setup

Once a user has created an account on github.com (suggestion to IPA users, use your IPA login prefixed by "ipa-"),

githelper setup

will guide the user through the following steps that are necessary in order to get started working with github:

githelper clone

Clones the given list (comma-separated) of stacks from github (if necessary, forks from ipa320 before cloning).

githelper clone -s STACK(s) [-r] [-d install_dir]

By default, stacks are cloned into ~/git/care-o-bot, but an alternative directory can be given using the -d option. The -r option enables read-only cloning from a directory. No github account is necessary for read-only access.

githelper status

Executes 'git status -uno'.

githelper status [-s STACK(s), default=all stacks] [-d install_dir]

githelper pull

Pulls latest changes from your origin master.

githelper pull [-s STACK(s), default=all stacks] [-d install_dir]

githelper push

Pushes local commits to origin master.

githelper push [-s STACK(s), default=all stacks] [-d install_dir]

githelper merge

Merges from a remote branch.

githelper merge [-u GITHUBUSER, default="ipa320"] | [-s STACK(s), default=all stacks] [-d install_dir]

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