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ROS Software Maintainer: Botsync
Website: https://botsync.co
Branch: kinetic-devel

Botsync Copernicus is a rugged and easy to integrate ground vehicle designed to support your prototyping and research needs. Copernicus supports the Robot Operating System (ROS) out of the box and provides access to motion commands through a serial interface.

The system has been designed to support multiple third part sensors and manipulators. The support covers the software as well as the electromechanical integration of the sensors that you need, such that your effort in setting up the system that you need for your research efforts is as minimal as possible.

You can find out more details about us at our website or you can drop us an email at contact@botsync.co.

Software Installation

ROS on Copernicus

The above tutorials assume that you have a basic understanding of the ROS.You can refer to ROS Tutorial for a ROS refresher.


Configuration Control

Operating Copernicus

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