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Mini-Lab Keyboard Teleoperation

1. Overview

In this section we will present the Mini-Lab teleoperation package. It is an adaptation of turtlebot keyboard teleoperation. This package is capable of controlling the real robot and the robot in the simulation environment.

2. Usage

After Minilab spawned in your simulated environment (see the previous section), you can use your keyboard to move your robot,please execute the command bellow :

· For QWERTY keyboard configurations:

$ roslaunch minilab_teleop keyboard_WASD_teleop.launch

· For AZERTY keyboard configurations:

$ roslaunch minilab_teleop keyboard_ZQSD_teleop.launch

Or for more generic launch file you can execute the command bellow:

$ roslaunch minilab_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch

Now you can use the following keys to move the robot around


4. What Next?

Network configuration

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