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The Girona 500 is a reconfigurable autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) designed for a maximum operating depth of up to 500 m. The vehicle is composed of three torpedo-shaped hulls which offers a good hydrodynamic performance and a large space for housing the equipments while maintaining a compact size.

The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 1 m in height, 1 m in width, 1.5 m in length and a weight of less than 200 Kg. The most remarkable characteristic of the Girona 500 is its capacity to reconfigure for different tasks. On its standard configuration, the vehicle is equipped with typical navigation sensors (DVL, AHRS, pressure gauge and USBL) and can have basic survey equipment (profiler sonar, side scan sonar, video camera and sound velocity sensor). In addition to these sensors, almost half the volume of the lower hull is reserved for mission-specific payload such as a stereo imaging system or even an electric arm for manipulation tasks.

More information can be found in the Iqua Robotics website.

Cola2 Wiki

COLA2 (Component Oriented Layer-based Architecture for Autonomy) is the software architecture used to control IQUA Robotics AUVs. In the Cola 2 Wiki you can find a description of the different COLA2 packages and directions to test the Girona 500 AUV in simulation.

Cola2 Tutorials

The latests tutorials to learn about Cola 2 can be found Here

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