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ROS Software Maintainer: Clearpath Robotics

Husky is a rugged, outdoor-ready unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), suitable for research and rapid prototyping applications. Husky fully supports ROS—all of the packages are available in the Husky github org.

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These tutorials assume that you are comfortable with ROS and the catkin build system. Please familiarize yourself using the ROS and catkin tutorials.

These tutorials will guide you on setting up a Husky robot PC with ROS Indigo. If you are upgrading from an earlier ROS distribution, please make sure to do a thorough backup of your system.

  1. Backing Up Husky Configuration

    Backing Up the Husky robot PC to preserve existing/factory configuration.

  2. Install and Configure Husky Software

    Setting up the Husky robot PC from scratch using an installer image.

  3. Customize Husky Configuration

    Adding customizations to the base Husky robot configuration.


Husky can be used in both real and simulated environments. If you are using a physical Husky, please make sure all your peripherals are plugged in, turn on the robot, and skip directly to step 2.

  1. Simulating Husky

    How to bring up a simulated Husky robot using the Gazebo simulator.

  2. Interfacing with Husky

    How to visualize, control, and communicate with a real or simulated Husky robot from your desktop.

Demo Applications

A simulated Husky can run several sample demonstrations out of the box. These may require additional tuning and/or configuration prior to running on a physical Husky robot.

  1. Husky Move Base Demo

    Running Husky with a basic move_base setup, with no mapping or localization.

  2. Husky AMCL Demo

    Running Husky with a move_base setup, using amcl for localization.

  3. Husky Gmapping Demo

    Running Husky with a move_base setup, using gmapping for mapping and localization (SLAM).

  4. Husky Frontier Exploration Demo

    Running Husky with a move_base setup, using frontier_exploration for exploration planning, and gmapping for mapping and localization (SLAM).


  1. Husky UR5 Mobile Manipulation Demo (Simulation)

    Running a Husky UR5 with mobile manipulation capabilities.

Package Components

Please click through to any of the below packages for component information.


husky_base | husky_bringup






husky_control | husky_description | husky_msgs


husky_navigation | husky_ur5_moveit_config

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