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Innok Heros is a modular outdoor all-terrain robot platform available in 2 or 4 wheel drive configurations. Due to its modular construction, it can be easily modified to suit lots of different agricultural, logistics, industrial and research applications.



Innok Heros is

Battery runtime between 3 - 16h can be expected depending on payload and usage.

Innok Robotics offers integration of various sensors and actors onto the robot:

This robot can handle it all!

Read more about Innok Heros at its homepage.

ROS Compatibility

Innok Heros fully supports ROS. Find more information about the driver: innok_heros_driver.

The driver is using the ROS naming conventions for robot bases (e. g. "base_link" for the tf robot's tf frame and "cmd_vel" for the velocity command message). Thus it is easy to use the Innok Heros with existing ROS software such as the navigation stack or mapping algorithms such as hector_mapping.


Innok Heros' simulation models

To simulate Innok Heros with Gazebo see here.


You can find several videos of some of Innok Heros in action on our Youtube channel.

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