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ROS Software Maintainer: Rohan Agrawal < ra@ubiquityrobotics.com >

Magni is available now with full out of the box ROS enabled editions available at $1900.

You can purchase here: https://store.ubiquityrobotics.com

Magni jumpstarts your ROS application, providing a highly capable robot platform at an affordable cost. Built with a aerospace grade aluminum chassis, Magni has a substantial payload capability and is able to carry upwards of 100 kilos. Magni provides a powerful mobile base that can go anywhere that is wheelchair accessible. Localization, object awareness (through our deep neural network node - dnn detect), sensing, power and more all function out of the box.

Find more info on our website: https://ubiquityrobotics.com


You can get our Raspberry Pi image configured for Magni here: [https://downloads.ubiquityrobotics.com]

2021-01-02 12:27