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ROS Software Maintainer: Josh Villbrandt


The Mecanumbot was designed as a software research platform. It features a high-performance multi-core computer, a holonomic mobile base, a 2D laser scanner, and a Microsoft Kinect.



The Mecanumbot has never seen full-time software development, but a few proof-of-concept applications are in place.


The teleop_xbox node takes messages from the xbox controller and publishes a cmd_vel message. Motor power is inhibited on startup for safety and needs to be powered on using the RobotHazardsEnable service. This application demonstrated the end-to-end integration of the robot's basic hardware, electronics, and software that were necessary for further development.

Ball Tracker

The ball_tracker node demonstrates the use of the Microsoft Kinect sensor and some basic functions from PCL. In addition to identifying the ball, the target_follower node can drive towards the target.


This exercise demonstrations a proper odometry and tf graph required for more complex applications like SLAM.

Mecanumbot Hector SLAM Upstairs Map

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