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The Open Unit Robot (OUR) is a high-quality and low-cost industrial robot. It is based on a modularized design, which enables users to reconfigure the robot system with 3-7 DoFs to meet specific application requirements. OUR robot uses an open software architecture that allows users and developers to easily integrate existing software and algorithms. Compared with other industrial robots with similar payloads, OUR robot offers prominent features such as compact and clean mechanical design, light weight, high precision, and intuitive setup and programming. It is especially well suited for labor-intensive production lines such as 3C industries.

More detatils,please see:http://smokierobotics.com/ http://www.our-robotics.com/


See the Tutorials page for an overview of the available tutorials.

The source code for the OUR robot with 6 DoFS OUR_6DoFs related stacks on github.

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