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Embedded Firmware Update

Periodically Stanley Innovation releases new firmware for the RMP. Each new version fixes bugs, adds new features, and/or increases the stability of the code. It is recommended that you keep your RMP up to date by installing the most recent firmware release.

Firmware releases are included with the RMP software package. To acquire the latest firmware, simply download and install the latest software package and follow the instructions below. There are two processors that run the embedded code on the RMP. One is called the User Interface Processor (UIP) and the other is the Segway Processor (SP).


Where was machine purchased?

Do not attempt to load the firmware on a machine that was not purchased or upgraded by Stanley Innovation. The code will render a standard Segway RMP inoperable. For details on how upgrade an existing Segway RMP please contact us at http://stanleyinnovation.com/contact-us/

Required Equipment


Bootloader Application

Download the latest version of RMP_CCU_Bootloader.exe from github. https://github.com/StanleyInnovation/segway_v3_embedded_firmware

Platform Code for User Interface Processor

Download the file ccu_uip.2015-06-03.2022.hex or the most recent version from https://github.com/StanleyInnovation/segway_v3_embedded_firmware

Platform Code for the Segway Interface Processor

Check your model number sticker if you have any doubt or drop us a line at http://stanleyinnovation.com/contact-us/

Locate the correct folder and download the file ccu_sp_XXXX.2015-06-24.2152_e.hex or the most recent version from https://github.com/StanleyInnovation/segway_v3_embedded_firmware that matches your system.

Prepare the RMP

Before you upgrade the code be sure the RMP will power on and run. Updating the code will not fix any booting issues and may make it harder to troubleshoot your machine.

Attach the Starter Breakout Harness

Attach the Disable Button

Turn on the RMP

Put the RMP in Bootloader Mode

Launch the Boot loader tool

Load the correct UIP file

Load the correct SP file

Disconnect from the RMP

Verify the Firmware Upgrade

Verify that the RMP starts up correctly and that it is using the expected firmware version.

Attach the Disable Button

Test the Disable Button

Turn on the RMP


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