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Roch.png ROS Software Maintainer: SawYer-Robotics

Roch(robot platform for commecial and home) integrated multiple different RGBD cameras and lidars like Microsoft's Kinect, Asus' Xtion Pro, Intel' Realsense 200 and Slamtec' Rplidar A1/A2 etc. Mainly used for business and family.


Full installation

Optional installation

1. Installation with roch

2. Installation with roch_robot

3. Installation with roch_simulator

4. Installation with roch_viz


Configure Your Roch

1. Network Configuration

2. Param Configuration


1. Roch bringup instructions

2. Roch bringup


1. Keyboard Teleop

2. Joystic kTeleop

1. SLAM map building with RGBD Sensors

2. SLAM map building with Lidar

3. Navigation on a known map with RGBD Sensors

4. Navigation on a known map with lidar


Other things

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