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ROSbot 2.0 PRO

ROSbot 2.0 PRO

ROS Software Maintainer: Husarion contact@husarion.com https://husarion.com/

ROSbot 2.0 PRO is an autonomous, open source robot platform running on Husarion CORE2-ROS controller. It can be used as a learning platform for Robot Operating System as well as a base for a inspection robots, custom service robots etc. The new ROSbot 2.0 PRO is an advanced version of ROSbot 2.0. The main differences are:


The complete set of ROS tutorials, dedicated for ROSbot:

  1. ROS introduction

  2. Creating nodes

  3. Simple kinematics for mobile robot

  4. Visual object recognition

  5. Running ROS on multiple machines

  6. SLAM navigation

  7. Path planning

  8. Unknown environment exploration

  9. Object search

You can buy a new ROSbot 2.0 PRO in Husarion store


ROSbot is an open source, mobile robot platform containing:




ROSbot 2.0 PRO is based on the Husarion CORE2-ROS controller, which consists of 2 boards:

The Husarion CORE2 works with hFramework, a C++ library that works as an high-efficient abstraction layer for hardware interfaces and is based on RTOS.

The Ubuntu image for ASUS Tinker Board, with ROS pre-installed is available here:

This image is prepared for quick start with tutorials.

Documentation and support

User guide Husarion community

If you need more support, please contact us: support@husarion.com

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