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Sparus II


ROS Software Maintainer: Iqua Robotics support@iquarobotics.com

SPARUS II AUV is a lightweight hovering vehicle with mission-specific payload area and efficient hydrodynamics for long autonomy in shallow water (200 meters). It combines torpedo-shape performance with hovering capability. It is easy to deploy and to operate. The payload area can be customized by the end user and it uses an open software architecture, based on ROS, for mission programming. Its flexibility, easy operation and openness makes the SPARUS II AUV a multipurpose platform that can adapt to industrial, scientific and academic applications.

More information can be found in the Iqua Robotics website.

Cola2 Wiki

COLA2 (Component Oriented Layer-based Architecture for Autonomy) is the software architecture used to control IQUA Robotics AUVs. In the Cola 2 Wiki you can find a description of the different COLA2 packages and directions to test the Sparus II AUV in simulation.

Cola2 Tutorials

The latests tutorials to learn about Cola 2 can be found Here

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