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Ubuntu install of Unstable Shadow Robot Stack

These instructions only cover installing The Shadow Robot stack on a supported Ubuntu-based machine. If you discover problems installing them on other platforms, please contact us: ugo@shadowrobot.com or contact@shadowrobot.com

Please note that this version of the stack should be stable: it's the same as the version you'll find in Diamondback.

Installation Instructions

These instructions cover installing the Shadow Robot stack for ROS Unstable on a supported Ubuntu-based machine. To get more information about our robots, please refer to the Shadow Robot page.

To install unstable on your computer follow the unstable install instruction.


Install the Shadow Robot stack:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ros-unstable-shadow-robot

Where to go from here?

You should have a look at our Documentation and also check the Tutorials.

2021-01-02 12:27