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Introduction demo

Obstacle avoidance demo with Android client app

ROS Software Maintainers:

Tangobot is a Turtlebot spin-off. It combines one of the Turtlebot's robotic bases (Yujin Robot's Kobuki) with Tango enabled devices (Tango Development Kit, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro or Asus ZenFone AR).

The Tangobot Android application brings Tango and ROS together, using tango_ros_node to provide sensor data, and ROS standard packages to drive the robotic base all in the same hardware platform.

It is available from the Google Play Store and open sourced in Github.


  1. Hardware Setup

    Required hardware components and how to connect them.

  2. Tangobot Software Installation

    Installing the required software to start the Tangobot.


  1. Quick demo: empty map navigation

    Quick setup to navigate with your Tangobot in an empty map.

Development Corner

  1. Build and Modify Source Code

    Hack your way into Tangobot's software!

Known Issues

Tangobot is under development. See it's known issues for more information.


Check Tangobot's Issue Tracker to see the complete list of issues. Feel free to open a new issue to propose new features or to report bugs.

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