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Indigo is the original and main ROS version that xbot tutorials was developed. This version includs all of the necessary packages to motivate xbot and support the higher level applications development. All of pre-indigo ROS version will not be added in the future, but the ROS version after indigo will be modified in the base of indigo and verified later when indigo series is totally finished.


  1. xbot first start-up

    There is a little things you have to do with it.

  2. PC installation

    Installing the software for your monitoring workstation pc.

  3. Network configuration

    How can I connect my xbot with my pc?


  1. Xbot Driver

    How does the code drive xbot hardware?

  2. Building xbot urdf

    How to build Xbot urdf

  3. xbot bringup

    Connecting to xbot from PC.

  4. Take care of xbot

    This tutorials explains how to charge and maintain your Xbot.

  5. Other Aiding Softwares

    Some other adding software tools.


  1. SLAM Map Building with xbot

    How to generate a map using gmapping && hector

  2. Autonomous Navigation of a Known Map with xbot

    This tutorial describes how to use the xbot with a previously known map.


  1. interact with Xbot by Xbot_Head

    This is an introduction to an android application -- Xbot_Head.


  1. Xbot Simulation

    This tutorial introduce a simulation package for xbot which you can simulate your algorithm by you own robot using rviz


Youtu Face Recognition

  1. Youtu Face Recognnition

    Youtu face recognition is used for recognizing registered users.

Baidu Speech AND Recognition

  1. Baidu Speech AND Recognition

    This tutorial support user making a transform from Text To Speach(TTS) and from Speach to Text(Speech Recognition) by using Baidu's Speech API.


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