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E-Puck Mobile Robot

ROS Software Maintainer: VerLab

The e-puck is a small (7 cm) differential wheeled mobile robot. It was originally designed for micro-engineering education by Michael Bonani and Francesco Mondada at the ASL laboratory of Prof. Roland Siegwart at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland). The e-puck is open hardware and its onboard software is open source, and is built[1] and sold[2] by several companies.

The full PDF can be found here.


Refer to the epuck_driver installation instructions.


To get started with the driver, refer to the tutorials on the epuck_driver page.


Webots provide well calibrated simulation models of the e-puck and e-puck2 robots. They can be programmed in C (and cross-compiled on the e-puck) or from any other language, including C++, Python, Java, MATLAB or ROS, to simulate and remote-control a real e-puck robot.


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