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Installing neobotix stacks from source

This description assumes, that you're using ubuntu.

Installation Instructions

Make sure that you've got a running ros installation and that you've installed git:

sudo apt-get install git-core curl

Now you can create a ros workspace:

mkdir ~/ros_workspace
export ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=~/ros_workspace:$ROS_PACKAGE_PATH

To permanently add the workspace to your bashrc type:

echo ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=~/ros_workspace:$ROS_PACKAGE_PATH >> ~/.bashrc

If you want to develop with our source code and share source code with us you should fork the git repositories and 'git clone' your forks.

If you just want to install the stacks, you can clone our stacks directly from github.

 cd ~/ros_workspace
 git clone ${path_to_stack} 
 #for example: git clone https://github.com/neobotix/neo_driver.git

For a complete installation you need: neo_driver, neo_apps, neo_common, neo_navigation and neo_simulation. These stacks depend on: cob_driver, cob_common, joy, erratic_gazebo_plugins and pr2_gazebo_plugins which are not included in the ros default installation. To install these dependencies for your ${ros version} (e.g. electic) you can type:

  • Warning, until neo_driver and cob_driver are completely merged and the new cob_driver has made it into apt cob_driver has to be installed by hand from here.

  sudo apt-get install ros-${ros version}-erratic-robot ros-${ros version}-cob-driver ros-${ros version}-cob-common ros-${ros version}-pr2-simulator ros-${ros version}-joystick-drivers

to compile the neobotix stacks you can type:

 roscd ${neobotix_stack}

2021-01-02 12:27