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Installing from Docker

This page describes how gain SROS with Docker. SROS can be built from source and thus can be expedited through the use of containers. Shown below will be how to pull and run the latest SROS image.


This process requires that you have Docker pre-installed, and are already familiar with running ROS with Docker. For more information on the subject, please see the ROS Docker tutorial here.

Pulling & Running

You can quickly test out SROS by running this short docker command and pulling the available docker image from OSRF.

$ docker run --rm -it \
    osrf/sros \
    bash -c "source /ros_entrypoint.sh && \
        sroskeyserver & \
        sleep 3 && \
        sroslaunch rospy_tutorials talker_listener.launch"

Whats happening here? Well, we are using a bash shell to source the ROS environment and start a simple talker listener ROS example. Once the keyserver is online, new nodes can connect to the keyserver to request new key pairs if their own nodestores are absent. The keyserver will use a pretrained policy profile for this example to generate signed key pairs with prescribed permissions and distribute them to requesting nodes. Nodes then use these key pairs to connect with each other. In the process, both nodes in a connection verify that the other is trusted as well as permitted to request/provide the purpose of the connection using common public key infrastructure.

The Dockerfile repo is github.com/osrf/docker_images and the images are hosted at hub.docker.com/r/osrf/sros.

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