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This page is for mapping code.ros.org SVN usernames to GitHub emails.

These email addresses should match the ones the users are using for their GitHub account.

jdoe = John Doe <johns-email-for-github@example.com>

If that is unknown and only the “username” at GitHub is known you should use the username instead of the first and last name (that at least connects the commits with the avatar of the user even if the name is not clickable).

jdoe = johns-github-username <johns-email@example.com>

If both are unknown or the user does not have a GitHub account use:

jdoe = jdoe <jdoe>

To get a list of all the svn authors under a given svn directory, use this command:

svn log | grep '| [0-9][0-9]* line' | cut -d\  -f3 | sort | uniq

code.ros.org username map

This is specific to code.ros.org usernames. kforge.ros.org usernames may be different

Please keep this alphabetic by svn name for convenience.

ablasdel = Aaron Blasdel <ablasdel@willowgarage.com>
ahendrix = Austin Hendrix <ahendrix@willowgarage.com>
ahornung = Armin Hornung <hornunga@informatik.uni-freiburg.de>
aleeper = Adam Leeper <aleeper@willowgarage.com>
alexteichman = Alex Teichman <alexteichman@willowgarage.com>
aricciardi = Tony Ricciardi <aricciardi@willowgarage.com>
berger = Eric Berger <berger@willowgarage.com>
bhaskara = Bhaskara Marthi <bhaskara@willowgarage.com>
bhaskarama = Bhaskara Marthi <bhaskara@willowgarage.com>
blaise = Gassend Blaise <blaise@willowgarage.com>
blaisegassend = Gassend Blaise <blaise@willowgarage.com>
brettgrand = Brett Grandbois <Brett.Grandbois@csiro.au>
chadrockey = Chad Rockey <chadrockey@gmail.com>
cmeyers = Curt Meyers <cmeyers@willowgarage.com>
dgossow = David Gossow <dgossow@willowgarage.com>
dthomas = Dirk Thomas <dthomas@willowgarage.com>
ehberger = Eric Berger <berger@willowgarage.com>
eitan = Eitan Marder-Eppstein <eitan@willowgarage.com>
eitanme = Eitan Marder-Eppstein <eitan@willowgarage.com>
ellenrk = Ellen Klingbeil <ellenrk@cs.standford.edu>
ethan = Ethan Rublee <erublee+github@willowgarage.com>
ethanrublee = Ethan Rublee <erublee+github@willowgarage.com>
fedassa = Federico Tombari <fedassa@willowgarage.com>
garybradski = Gary Bradski <bradski@willowgarage.com>
gbiggs = Geoffrey Biggs <gbiggs@killbots.net>
gerkey = Brian Gerkey <brian@gerkey.org>
gjones = Gil Jones <gjones@willowgarage.com>
haidai = Hai Nguyen <haidai@gmail.com>
hassan = Scott Hassan <hassan@willowgarage.com>
hersh = Dave Hershberger <hersh@willowgarage.com>
hsu = John Hsu <hsu@willowgarage.com>
hsujohnhsu = John Hsu <hsu@willowgarage.com>
isucan = Ioan Sucan <isucan@willowgarage.com>
j_bohren = Jonathan Bohren <jonathan.bohren@gmail.com>
jamesb = James Bowman <jamesb@willowgarage.com>
jamesbowman = James Bowman <jamesb@willowgarage.com>
jawolfe = Jason Wolfe <jawolfe@willowgarage.com>
jbohren = Jonathan Bohren <jonathan.bohren@gmail.com>
jfaust = Josh Faust <jfaustwg@willowgarage.com>
jfaustwg = Josh Faust <jfaustwg@willowgarage.com>
jkammerl = Julius Kammerl <jkammerl@willowgarage.com>
jleibs = Jeremy Leibs <jleibs@gmail.com>
joq = Jack O'Quin <jack.oquin@gmail.com>
kaijenhsiao = Kaijen Hsaio <hsaio@willowgarage.com>
konolige = Kurt Konolige <konolige@willowgarage.com>
kruset = Thibault Kruse <tibokruse@googlemail.com>
ktossell = Ken Tossell <ktossell@umd.edu>
kurtkonolige = Kurt Konolige <konolige@willowgarage.com>
kwc = Ken Conley <kwc@kwc.org>
leibs = Jeremy Leibs <jleibs@gmail.com>
lorenz = Lorenz Moesenlechner <moesenle@in.tum.de>
mariusm = Marius Muja <mariusm@cs.ubc.ca>
mariusmuja = Marius Muja <mariusm@cs.ubc.ca>
matei = Matei Ciocarlie <matei@willowgarage.com>
meeussen = Wim Meeussen <wim@willowgarage.com>
mferguson = Michael Ferguson <mferguson@willowgarage.com>
mihai.dolha = Mihai Dolha <dolha@cs.tum.edu>
mihelich = Patrick Mihelich <patrick.mihelich@gmail.com>
mkjargaard = mkjaergaard <mkjaergaard@willowgarage.com>
mmwise = Melonee Wise <mwise@willowgarage.com>
morgan_quigley = Morgan Quigley <mquigley@cs.stanford.edu>
mquigley = Morgan Quigley <mquigley@cs.stanford.edu>
mwise = Melonee Wise <mwise@willowgarage.com>
MPPics = Matt Piccolli <piccolli@willowgarage.com>
natepak = Nate Koenig <nkoenig@willowgarage.com>
njbutko = Nicholas Butko <nbutko@cogsci.ucsd.edu>
pantofaru = Caroline Pantofaru <pantofaru@willowgarage.com>
pastor = Peter Pastor <ppastor@willowgarage.com>
pbeeson = Patrick Beeson <beeson.p@gmail.com>
pmihelich = Patrick Mihelich <patrick.mihelich@gmail.com>
poftwaresatent = Poftware Satent <poftwaresatent>
pratkanis = Tony Pratkanis <pratkanis@willowgarage.com>
rdiankov = Rosen Diankov <rosen.diankov@gmail.com>
relrotciv = Victor Eruhimov <relrotciv@in.tum.de>
rob_wheeler = Rob Wheeler <wheeler@willowgarage.com>
root = root <root>
rusu = Radu Rusu <rusu@willowgarage.com>
sachinc = Sachin Chitta <sachinc@willowgarage.com>
sachinchitta = Sachin Chitta <sachinc@willowgarage.com>
sglaser = Stu Glaser <sglaser@willowgarage.com>
sfkwc = Ken Conley <kwc@kwc.com>
straszheim = Troy Straszheim <troy@industrial-perception.com>
stuglaser = Stu Glaser <sglaser@willowgarage.com>
sturm = Juergen Sturm <sturmju@in.tum.de>
tfield = Tim Field <tfield@willowgarage.com>
tfoote = Tully Foote <tfoote@willowgarage.com>
thibaux = Romain Thibaux <thibaux@willowgarage.com>
tjhunter = Tim Hunter <tjhunter@willowgarage.com>
veedee = Radu Rusu <rusu@willowgarage.com>
vernaza = Paul Vernaza <vernaza@willowgarage.com>
vijaypradeep = Vijay Pradeep <vpradeep@willowgarage.com>
vpradeep = Vijay Pradeep <vpradeep@willowgarage.com>
vrabaud = Vincent Rabaud <vrabaud@willowgarage.com>
wg_cmeyers = Curt Meyers <cmeyers@willowgarage.com>
watts = Kevin Watts <watts@willowgarage.com>
wattsk = Kevin Watts <watts@willowgarage.com>
wghassan = Scott Hassan <hassan@willowgarage.com>
wheeler = Rob Wheeler <wheeler@willowgarage.com>
wim = Wim Meeussen <wim@willowgarage.com>
www-data = www-data <www-data>

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