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This wiki page is out-of-date. All source is available on GitHub and Bitbucket in a combination of git and hg repositories. See: http://wiki.ros.org/RecommendedRepositoryUsage/CommonGitHubOrganizations

All methods of installing ROS provide the source code, so you do not need to follow the instructions below to get the source. These instructions are provided for those who wish to use Subversion directly to manage their source tree. NOTE: the rosinstall tool provides Subversion-based checkouts as well and is generally more powerful.

For the instructions below, replace distro_name with one of boxturtle, cturtle, or unstable. You shouldn't use unstable unless you know what you are doing.

Core ROS code is hosted in the ROS project at https://code.ros.org

ROS packages are hosted in the ros-pkg and wg-ros-pkg projects at https://code.ros.org

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