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Package Summary

this package will introduce how use simulation in ROS with xbot demo.



Howe to install arbotix

    rospack find arbotix

    sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-arbotix

How to launch your fake robot

1. launch fake robot

    roslaunch simulation fake_robot.launch

1. launch fake amcl

    roslaunch simulation fake_amcl.launch

3.launch rviz

    roslaunch machine 3D_RVIZ.launch

How to move your robot

4. by keyboard control

    rosrun nav_staff keyboard_control.py

4. by robot itself

    roslaunch machine robot_controller_single.launch


    rosrun simulation speaker_simulation.py




How to Switch Modules

    rosrun simulation switch_modles_simulation.py

How to interact with your robot

    rosrun simulation interactive_marker.py

then use "publish point" to click on map, a cube will come out, and you can drag it moving in map through "interact" button interactive_marker


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