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Package Summary

This tutorial shows how to launch the xbot obstacle avoidance module and explains how it works.


This package is mainly the obstacle avoidance module for Xbot.

To implement obstacle avoidance, a Finite-State Machine(FSM) is designed, which manages robot states and makes it more extensible.

The robot states currently includes: Advance, Stop and Retreat, defined by its action(statename) and timestamp when the state started.

When a specific Event is triggered, xbot will transform from one state to another, with corresponding Action performed, as is illustrated below.


  • Input topics:
  • Output topics:
    • '/cmd_vel_mux/input/safety_controller'(Twist)


Make sure the minimal software has already been launched on the robot and you have configured your network correctly.

On the Xbot, start obstacle avoidance on TK1.

# From Xbot TK1.
 > roslaunch xbot_obstacle_avoidance xbot_obstacle_avoidance.launch

2021-01-02 12:29