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App Summary

This Android app aims to provide an easy way to use Android-enabled devices in ROS.

The app currently supports publishing of:

  1. Camera Images as
    Compressed Image: sensor_msgs/CompressedImage
    Without Compression: sensor_msgs/Image

  2. Fluid Pressure data as sensor_msgs/FluidPressure

  3. Illuminance data as sensor_msgs/Illuminance

  4. Accelerometer/Gyroscope data as sensor_msgs/Imu

  5. Magnetic Field data as sensor_msgs/MagneticField

  6. GPS fixes as sensor_msgs/NavSatFix

  7. Temperature data as sensor_msgs/Temperature

Some needed improvements:

If you want to help improve this app for the community, please join us at the android_all_sensors_driver GitHub project.



To install android_sensors_driver, you can get the app on the Android Market or install via this QR code:



For help connecting android_sensors_driver to your normal ROS system, please see the tutorials.

Report a Bug

Use Github to report bugs. [View active tickets]

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