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This package drives the robot around and moves the head, taking snapshots. It is useful for data collection, and annotation can be done by mechanical turk.

Usage Notes

  1. Follow the bring up instructions to get a working checkout on the robot
  2. rosmake annotated_map_builder
  3. You will also need rviz, so make it if you have not yet.
  4. export ROBOT=pr[e/f/g]
  5. In one console window on the robot
    1. roscd pr2_alpha
    2. roslaunch pr[e/f/g].launch
    3. You will will probably need to bring up the dashboard and make sure the power is ready as described on the bringing up page
  6. In another console on the robot:
    1. rosrun pr2_experimental_controllers tuckarm.py r

(If it just hangs, check that you are running it on the robot)

  1. In a third console on the robot:
    1. roscd annotated_map_builder
    2. Ensure that the bags directory has a subdirectory called annotated_maps

    3. roslaunch record_1.launch
    4. At this point the robot will start moving around but will not have good localization, so be careful and complete the next step quickly
  2. In a fourth console window (probably not on the robot)
    1. rosrun rviz rviz
    2. Follow the instructions at http://pr.willowgarage.com/wiki/rviz/UsingTheVisualizer to initialize the robot pose

NOTE: You may need to run the following in the annotated_map_builder directory

chmod a+x src/annotated_map_builder/wait_for_multiple_head_configs.py
chmod a+x src/annotated_map_builder/move_head_action.py

Also, to change the head positions that are used as the robot wanders around change the head_configs parameter in the file "test/move_head.launch".

2021-01-02 12:30