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cooperAtive multi Robot frontiEr exploratioN simulAtor

Composed by:

* aap_map_merger package

* aap_mapping package

* aap_frontiers package

built in exploration algorithm;

* coopexp package

This simulator, uses the previous mentioned packages and also Stage, move_base and RViz.


Source Code

Link to GitHub ARENA-repo


In order to launch ARENA there a very intuitive launch file named "multirobot.launch" so just edit as you want and run

roslaunch simulator multirobot.launch

them you will see the Stage GUI and RViz if activated in the launch file.

Before the first launch you should change the "path_to_arena" param to you path to arena, should be something like this

<arg name="path_to_arena" default="/home/your_username/your_ws/src/arena"/>

2021-01-02 12:30