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fiducials: aruco_detect | fiducial_msgs | fiducial_slam

Package Summary

Fiducial detection based on the aruco library

  • Maintainer status: developed
  • Maintainer: Jim Vaughan <jimv AT mrjim DOT com>, Rohan Agrawal <send2arohan AT gmail DOT com>
  • Author: Jim Vaughan <jimv AT mrjim DOT com>
  • License: BSD
  • Source: git https://github.com/UbiquityRobotics/fiducials.git (branch: kinetic-devel)



aruco_detect detects the pose of aruco markers.

Subscribed Topics

/camera (sensor_msgs/Image) /camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)

Published Topics

/fiducial_vertices (fiducial_msgs/Fiducials) /fiducial_transforms (fiducial_msgs/FiducialTransforms)


There are two categories of ROS Parameters that can be used to configure the aruco_detect node: general and detection.

General parameters


~dictionary (int, default: 7 (DICT_5X5_1000)) ~fiducial_len (double, default: 0.14) ~fiducial_len_override (string, default: ) ~ignore_fiducials (string, default: ) ~publish_images (bool, default: false)

Detection parameters

The detector parameters used in the library are paramaters of the aruco_detect node. They can also be set via dynamic reconfigure.

~adaptiveThreshConstant (int, default: 7)

~adaptiveThreshWinSizeMax (int, default: 53) ~adaptiveThreshWinSizeMin (int, default: 3) ~adaptiveThreshWinSizeStep (int, default: 4) ~cornerRefinementMaxIterations (int, default: 30) ~cornerRefinementWinSize (int, default: 5) ~cornerRefinementMinAccuracy (double, default: 0.01) ~doCornerRefinement (bool, default: true) ~errorCorrectionRate (double, default: 0.6) ~minCornerDistanceRate (double, default: 0.05) ~markerBorderBits (int, default: 1) ~maxErroneousBitsInBorderRate (double, default: 0.04) ~minDistanceToBorder (int, default: 3) ~minMarkerDistanceRate (double, default: 0.05) ~minMarkerPerimeterRate (double, default: 0.1) ~maxMarkerPerimeterRate (double, default: 4.0) ~minOtsuStdDev (double, default: 5.0) ~perspectiveRemoveIgnoredMarginPerCell (double, default: 0.13) ~perspectiveRemovePixelPerCell (int, default: 8) ~polygonalApproxAccuracyRate (double, default: 0.01)

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