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The Bosch ROS repository contains a collection of packages developed at the Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto, CA. The Bosch Research and Technology Center is an active participant in the PR2 Beta Program run by Willow Garage, Inc. Bosch's research objective as part of the PR2 Beta Program is to accelerate the development of the robotics market by making robots cheaper, more capable, and safer.

As part of this initiative, we examine a combination of hardware and software solutions including: affordable sensing, shared autonomy, and remote experimentation. We integrate advanced sensor technology, such as MEMS accelerometers and gyros in the PR2 to enable new applications and to accelerate the wide-scale deployment of robot technology in new environments. We also explore how human users can effectively interact with a PR2 remotely and locally. Our results demonstrate that including a human in the loop improves the PR2's performance and reliability. These improvements may allow robots to be deployed earlier, at lower cost, and in more complex environments. In order to give more people access to to quality robotics research platform such as the PR2, we built the PR2 Remote Laboratory. This laboratory is designed to allow a larger group of researchers to perform research on a PR2 robot remotely.



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