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The ROS Community Build Farm

Open Robotics (formerly OSRF) hosts and maintains a public instance of the ROS build farm (see: http://wiki.ros.org/buildfarm) for use by the community at http://build.ros.org/.

The public build farm is used to build binaries of the core ROS packages and any open source packages released by the community. For more information on releasing a package or set of packages on the public build farm, see the tutorials for our release automation tool bloom: http://wiki.ros.org/bloom

The public build farm also generates documentation for all ROS packages registered with it. The farm can generate documentation for any open source package, even if it is not released yet. See: http://wiki.ros.org/rosdistro/Tutorials/Indexing%20Your%20ROS%20Repository%20for%20Documentation%20Generation

Also available to users of the public build farm is what we call "devel" jobs. These jobs will periodically build any changes to a given "devel" branch of your repository. Giving feedback on whether or not your packages are building on the farm between releases and separate from documentation generation. You can enable these tests using the "source" entry for your repository in the rosdistro distribution file.


In order to keep the build farm efficient and to make it easier to sync packages from shadow fixed to public (see: http://wiki.ros.org/ShadowRepository), the maintainers of the public build farm will take action with continuously failing jobs.

Failing Source .deb Jobs

If the "source .deb" job for one or more of the packages in your repository fails then the build farm maintainers will revert to a previous version or remove the release section for the repository immediately. This is done because otherwise the job will be triggered and fail every 15 minutes. The maintainer will make an effort to contact the contributing persons when taking the action, but will not wait for action to be taken on their part.

Failing Binary Jobs

If one or more of your packages in a repository have been failing their binary jobs (code build failure) for more than a week, the maintainers may open a pull request against the rosdistro distribution file to either revert your repository to a previous, working version or, if it has never been building, remove it from the released packages. In this pull request they will try to contact the persons who submitted the package, but if no action is taken then after a period of time it will be merged.

Failing Devel or Doc Jobs

If one or more packages in your repository have continuously failing doc or devel jobs, then the build farm maintainers may disable these jobs and notify the contributing persons until they request the jobs be reenabled.

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