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ROS package for calibration camera with Velodyne LiDAR sensor. ROS nodes enable coarse to fine estimation of the calibration parameters (mutual position and the orientation) of the mentioned sensors using novel 3D marker.

Output cloud.

The package follows the methods proposed by:

[1] M. Velas, M. Spanel, Z. Materna, A. Herout. Calibration of RGB Camera with Velodyne LiDAR. In WSCG 2014 Communication papers proceedings.

Here you can see the example of usage of the computed calibration parameters for the point cloud coloring by the fusion of camera image with the LiDAR point cloud:

Output cloud. Output cloud. Output cloud.



Package contains two ROS nodes for the camera-LiDAR calibration and supplementary one for the publishing coloured pointcloud using precomputed calibration.

For successful calibration the presence of the 3D marker (described in [1]) in the scene is neccessary:

Output cloud. Output cloud.

Following commands will launch the calibration:

roslaunch but_calibration_camera_velodyne calibration_coarse.launch

roslaunch but_calibration_camera_velodyne calibration_fine.launch

roslaunch but_calibration_camera_velodyne coloring.launch


Configuration of the nodes can be done using *.yaml files stored in the conf/ direcotry. These parameters in following files can be set:

conf/calibration.yaml file contans parameters:

in conf/coloring.yaml file you can specify:

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