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Kurt, Jeremy, Vijay, Rosen


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Parameters to be calibrated


Starting to accumulate some useful resource papers:

Evaluation and milestones

Single sensor calibration

Full system coverage

Analyze system and prioritize problem areas

Meet component calibration targets

Multi-sensor calibration

Kinematic (Closed-loop) calibration


Fully accurate calibration

User testing

Status meeting 5/2;

Russians working on improving chessboard location Kurt working on OpenCV stereo calibration algorithm.

Need to get tilting hokuyo in working condition and leave it that way.

Need filtering on Hokuyo (filter out veils, etc.)

Hokuyo firmware mods arrive next week (by 5/9) to allow intensity-based calibration (working with Paul at Stanford)

Device status:

Keenan - Planning to make new heads of new rev. Delivery late June.

Kurt - build 3D models of building.

Higher-risk hardware development

Meeting notes


Stereo status:


Stereo calibration [1w to spec, 2w for russians]

Checkerboard finder [1w to spec 2w for russians]

PNP solution for laser-camera calibration [Intern project? JD Chen? 4w]

3d hardware

Stereo disparity

Non-calibration vision thoughts from meeting

Better image features

Visual odometry?

Visual SLAM?

Application: Full 3d reconstruction of building? Mesh reconstruction

??? old_date

Kurt doing first pass on Stereo Calibration

Hokuyo Firmware Mods for intensity data

Stereo to Tilting Hokuyo Calibration using checkerboard

Median Filtering - Jermey

Russians online on the 9th of may

Videre Stereo Head

Flash random patten

Hokuyo pan stage mount for laser line projector - Keenan

2021-01-02 12:32