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API review

Proposer: Jack O'Quin


Question / concerns / comments

This package is proposed for inclusion in camera_drivers for the C-Turtle release. It only has a single CameraInfoManager C++ class interface.

or the other way
or something like this
setFocus("2"); // The logitech quickcam I looked at using returned a
value from 1 to 20 for the current focus setting.
// This should probably be the focal distance in m with 0 == inf
// Alternatively it may be better to use depth of field.
setFOV("45"); // Field of View Telephoto vs Macro Zoom
// Focal length may be more appropriate

Related Nodelets
 camera driver        Hardware Driver (usb_cam, wge100_camera, etc)
 *color_proc          Color Correction
 image_proc           Image Rectification
 image_transport      Compression/Decompression
 camera_info_manager  Camera Information Manager
 *camera_control      Unified Camera Control (brightness/contrast/etc)
 user_application     Custom OpenCV code.
* = Does not exist yet

* (Trevor) Calibration Changes: To fully replace responding to the appropriate "manually", this utility class needs to support registering a callback for when the calibration changes.

* (Trevor) Param Storage: If the URL abstraction is already going to be used. It would be nice to support some kind of custom rosparam:// or param:// resource-type that would allow storage of the CameraInfo data within the RPC datastore.

Meeting agenda

(Jack) Since this review is being held on-line via e-mail and wiki updates, there will be no face-to-face meeting. Instead, my intention is to pull together action items from the questions and comments section for approval by the reviewers.

The "meeting" is scheduled for this afternoon, 2010-05-20.

(Suggestions for improving or streamlining this process are welcome.)

(Eric) Suggestion: with no face-to-face meeting, should we attempt to use IRC room or Google Wave (or other more real-time communication) for this? At least, so that during the meeting time this wiki page doesn't explode with tons of simultaneous comments.

(Jack) That's a good idea. The wiki is not good for simultaneous updating. Unfortunately, I now need to do some testing with students this afternoon at the advertised review time (4:00PM CDT, 2:00PM PDT). To improve future reviews (e.g. camera1394), I'll ask everyone for feedback on the process. We can discuss this and other ideas.

Today, I plan to update the Conclusion section (below) and ask for reviewers' comments and sign-off via e-mail. If there is no general agreement, I'll schedule a follow-up review.


Actions for this release:

Items for future releases:

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