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Only released in EOL distros:  

cob_environment_perception: cob_3d_mapping_common | cob_3d_mapping_msgs | cob_3d_mapping_pipeline_fake | cob_3d_mapping_rviz_plugins | cob_3d_mapping_semantics | cob_3d_visualization

Package Summary

Extraction of semantic data (e.g. table extraction) from 3-D environment maps.

This package can extract semantic information from a geometric map.



The semantic_extraction_node gets the geometric map via service call from cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map and performs a tabletop extraction. The tables found are published as cob_3d_mapping_msgs/ShapeArray and as visualization_msgs/Marker.


~tilt_angle (double, default: 3.0) ~height_min (double, default: 0.6) ~height_max (double, default: 1.2) ~area_min (double, default: 0.5) ~area_max (double, default: 3)


Start the mapping pipeline in cob_3d_mapping_pipeline

roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_pipeline mapping.launch

Perform a 360° scan of the room

rosrun cob_3d_mapping_pipeline test_360_scan.py

Check the consistency of the point map and the geometric map in rviz.
Start the semantic extraction of tables

roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_semantics extract_tables.launch

Trigger the table detection by running

roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_semantics get_tables_client.launch

Start moving to a table

roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_semantics move_to_table.launch

2020-01-18 12:32