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Configure calibration for a new robot

  1. Create a new configuration folder in the package "cob_calibration_config" named after the robot.
  2. Create the file "user_defined/cameras.yaml" define how many cameras are involved for each camera define "topic";"frame_id"(from robot urdf), " property"( position in urdf) "file_prefix" (for camera calibration)
  3. calibration_seed.yaml: teach in on hardware(or simulation)
  4. calibration_pattern: in most cases copy the existing cb9x6 for robots at the ipa
  5. generate template for optimization and autogenerated files bringup robot (in simulation or on real robot)  roslaunch cob_robot_calibration generate_config.launch 

  6. generate calibration positions with running ik services  roslaunch cob_calibration_executive  generation_calibration_positions.launch 

  7. create free_0.yaml --> free_2.yaml for care-o-bot first step with free cb_arm transformation second step with cameras mount position added third step with all unknown transformations

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